The day has finally arrived and we can say we have a blog post. We are so excited to create this way to communicate with you and be able to engage and explain not only our amazing software and every product that we offer in it but to listen to your personal experience and create a community where entrepreneurs, small and medium business can share their experience, their difficulties and what we can improve to make our business succeed as much as possible while minimizing costs, time and of course, head crackers. 

DownTownSoft was created after years of struggling with marketing and customer service in my personal business. Having to either spend hours and a lot of money on many different apps or employees to do simple but very important tasks such as finding new clients, creating email lists, campaigns and funnels. Finding chatbots has always been a nightmare because they are never as good as we want or as simple to use and don´t even talk about all the fake emails we spend hours sending our campaigns that will end up nowhere.

All of these nightmares finished with DownTownSoft. And yes, it took hours to create it, probably one of the most ambitious projects of my life but I finally got there. 

And yes, like all business this is mine but it was thought to make everyone else business succeed. I don´t want only myself to rise. I want everyone to have a tool that will make their life easier, their business rise and their smiles and bank accounts get bigger.

With DownTownSoft we can control our time-consuming marketing and customer service jobs from one single site. It’s prepared for different business needs depending on the size of the company and the number of workers on it.

Anyway, we would love to have you join our community and subscribe to our blog, we will create loads of amazing content on what our software can do for you and your business and everything of course for free, and yes, we will have a great time listening to what you have to say not only to improve as a company but to learn from different business perspectives. 

Subscribe and read our fortnightly posts, write in our comment section and basically share with us what is like for you to increase your marketing and customer service quality and how DownTownSoft can improve it or has already done it after you have tried it.

I just want to welcome you and thank you for joining us and becoming a DownTowner!! We love you and we will treat you as family!! 

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