OK so let´s get into business here.

So you are still not a Downtowner but don´t worry, we have more than one way to make you become one and yes, one of them is our amazing beauty and great smile but I’m sure this is not the reason why you are here reading this blog.

One of the reasons we decided to create this blog was to be able to show you what our software can do for your business FOR FREE. And although you have a free trial and see for yourself, we are well concerned about how big the internet is and how difficult is to decide sometimes when we don´t have all the time on our hands.

That is why we want to show you product by product what we offer and how this can help your business. Get ready Downtowner because it´s about to get crazy and it’s only product number #1.


What are the most important assets for a company? Yes, you guessed, their customers. And nowadays, for most companies in the world, a customer is no more than their personal information, especially their email address. 


With the very first product, the software offers you can get hundreds of emails in less than 10 minutes, on a very structured sheet and you can export and work on this sheet in any way you want, extracting the information that you want the most. 

It is as simple as creating a list name (which will actually be a sheet name), then the number of emails you want to extract from each company or domain, and then just a folder where to put it on (or just create a folder if you don’t have at the time).


The actual software will allow you to start working on the list by searching emails by company names, or domains, to organize them by B2B contacts or even B2B local business depending on what you need.

Once you have the list of possible clients there is only one next step. Start getting creative because you going to have to interact with them. But don´t think about anything else. We got you covered!! 

This is all for today!! Remember to follow us on Facebook and let us know any ideas or questions!! 

And if you are still not a Downtowner!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????