Hello fellow business colleagues and entrepreneurs, 

So at this point, you have probably seen we have different ways to extract emails and contact information through websites, LinkedIn doing it in the best ways for our needs. We can extract loads of information or we can go straight to the point and get just the emails or phone contacts from whatever website we want.

But cutting to the point, we have our list, a raw sheet full of possible customers that will fit our metrics depending on what kind of company we have and therefore what kind of customers we want.

You will ask, what is next?


We want to sell!! We want to be able to show our product and do it in the most effective way. We also want to be able to control what happens with these possible customers and that is when our amazing software to send emails enters the game. 

It’s a way to create campaigns. We have all done campaigns in one way or another but the great thing about this software is that it´s on the same page as all other softwares so we already have our customer lists ready. 

The software gives us the opportunity not only to use the list we created with DownTownSoft but we can also create new emails on the CRM tool manually. We can go simple just putting name and email or go wild and registering all kinds of data depending on your company’s needs.

Possibilities are endless. First, we have to create our templates, basically just making emails, remember that creativity is all yours here, where you can add buttons and all the features you want to make your emails as appealing as possible.

Then it’s time to start your campaign. It´s very simple. You choose what kind of campaign you want, if you just want to send a simple email to your contacts or if you want to go full-on marketing and send a sequence of emails with different funnels and sequences that change depending on how the customers interact with such emails. This way you can decide on how to keep going and follow up on what steps to do next.

So yes!! At this point, your business is about to start getting new customers engaging with you and your products. Be ready because you may have to start being ready to increase your sales.

Don´t worry, this doesn´t necessarily mean you will have to work a lot more! We also got you here, but this will be something to talk about another day.

For now, just keep following us and learning about this amazing tool. Ask us any question on our Facebook account and why not, become a Downtowner! You will not regret it!!