Ok, so you have made it so far!! Impressive!!

By now it has probably gotten quite interesting in your company’s marketing campaign and hopefully on the results. You have probably increased the number of interactions with possible customers, and obviously the customers themselves. 

You should have created a campaign that is funnelling your customers to where you want to in an automatic way without taking too much time from you and basically everything you have done so far has made everyone arrive at a place where they can buy or interact with your product.

What now?

Well, now it´s about to get really intense, or is it not?


Aren´t we all a little afraid of it? It is normally really easy to work without really having to interact directly with our customers, their questions, their opinions. But trust me, your customers and what they have to say about what they are spending their money on is probably more important than anything else in any business or company. It doesn´t really matter what you are selling if the customer is not happy with it or if they don´t feel valued as a customer. 

If you have a great product, with a great price and it is something that you really need you will want to buy it, but if you have a problem while buying it or after you buy it and you don’t receive a fast and efficient answer from the business you bought it from there is two things that are going to happen, you either never going to buy to them or there again (plus the bad reviews you can receive), or you going to be getting refund requests.

So what is one of the best things we can do to give a fast and efficient response to our customers or possible customers? Yes, you already know, a CHATBOT!!!!

Chatbots are great because with a little preparation you can create a tool that can answer almost all questions or problems your customers have within seconds without having to actually do it yourself and spending hours answering emails or spending loads of money on customer service staff.

My dear downtowners, we have created an amazing chatbot that is so easy to use and personalise that it will take most of your worries in this area with little trouble. It is just a matter of spending a little bit of your time on creating it and then what you do have to do is change it now and then depending on the needs of your customers, which you will see with time just checking what are the most common questions or requests.

Our chatbot allows you to not only customize the colours, display and position but to create different scenarios, request information or even send information back. 

Once you finished customizing it and adding all the different responses, questions or interactions you just have to save them and add them to your site.

Is it simple? Oh yes!! But it’s just because we want you to succeed without having all these time-wasting tasks and to focus on what is important. You and your business.

So don’t waste any time and create your amazing chatbot. Let us know how is going and if you find it as simple as we are telling you on our Facebook page.